The Ultimate Scriptable UPS Solution for macOS via USB
Do you have questions? Please email: info@powersaveups.co.uk or: info@strongsoft.co.uk or visit: the strongsoft website
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Lion Compatible

• Elegant User Interface
• 2 levels of Shutdown Protocol - Soft (graceful)
xand Hard (non - graceful)
• macOS compatibility up to and including High Sierra (10.13.2)
• Universal Binary
• Example scripts provided
• Write and run your own scripts
• Ability to autosave open documents as
xtime-stamped 'PowerSaveUPS BUs'
• Know that if you're away from your computer,
xin the event of power failure, your work will be
• Scripting service available - we can write scripts
xfor you, so that you can do what you want to do!
• Price of software includes one hour of Apple
xScript consultation free of charge (normally £30 per hour!)

PowerSaveUPS Screenshot 2

PowerSaveUPS main Window in Test Mode. Use Test
Mode to test your system, to make sure all your scripts
are working. When in Test Mode, PowerSaveUPS will not
perform a Hard Shut Down.

PowerSaveUPS Screenshot 1

PowerSaveUPS main Window in Alert Mode. A Power
failure has occurred - when PowerSaveUPS reaches
it's Soft Shutdown Threshold (SST) it will execute all
the scripts in the 'PowerSaveUPS Scripts' folder, finishing
with a 'graceful' shutdown.

If for any reason, the computer hasn't shut down,
upon reaching Hard Shutdown Threshold (HST), a
Hard (ungraceful) shutdown will take place as a last resort.


Preferences portion of Main Window showing
the various Preferences options...

PowerSaveUPS Menus

The PowerSaveUPS Menus...

  • Classic
  • Fairchild
  • Indigo
  • Ice
  • Grey
  • Akai
  • Salmon
  • Red
  • Pale Grey
Theme 1
Theme 2
Theme 3
Theme 4
Theme 5
Theme 8
Theme 7
Theme 6
Theme 9




Customize the Appearance
of PowerSaveUPS with Themes...

FamousWhy Award  PowerSaveUPS Download - Soft-Go.com  5 stars
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PowerSaveUPS - Taken from the Germany App Store - 20/9/2016

App Store Review


Taken from Version Tracker site - testimonial left by art2science on 23/3/2010

I started using this with version 2.001 and am now running 2.010 on two Macs,
both Snow Leopard 10.6.2. I bought it when I discovered that it worked with an old Belkin UPS I had,
which is unsupported by the manufacturer on Mac OS X. I now have it running with two different APC units,
one old, one new, and it works perfectly with both. It uses custom Applescripts to enable you to tailor
your shut-downs in the event of power failure but will work perfectly adequately with the basic scripts
supplied, with minimal tinkering. I'd never done much Applescripting but found it easy to see what the scripts
were doing and amend to suit my needs.
The developer is very responsive to questions and suggestions - the e-mail alert feature in the event of power
outage came about via correspondence and a suggestion I made for such a feature. Now, if the power fails
I get a message on my iPhone to that effect immediately, before the soft shut-down sequence commences,
and I get another message when it comes back on (power in my area is prone to disappear for very short
periods so this is useful). These alerts are independent of the Soft Shutdown sequence, so if you don't want
everything to close when you get a temporary blip in power but need to know when one occurs then it's very useful.

All in all an excellent app that offers much greater control than the built-in power settings in Energy Saver
UPS preferences.

Taken from Version Tracker site - testimonial left by tinroof on 12/1/2010

Great software. Great and fast response with any and all support issues.
Attention paid to individual customization. Five stars...

Taken from Version Tracker site - testimonial left by Cailen Waddell on 6/10/2009

I am using PowerSaveUPS on a small Filemaker Server deployment.
Everything works as described and its not too hard to develop applescripts
if you are reasonably tech savy. If you aren't, the included ones will help out most users.
Communicates well with my off-brand UPS, which is great...


Taken from Version Tracker site - testimonial left by J. W. Percival on 8/4/2009

Following some pretty poor support from APC when attempting to use one of
their UPS solutions to gracefully shut down a FileMaker server I came across
PowerSaveUPS on Version Tracker. A superb solution which I would highly recommend
to anyone who requires advanced scripting in conjunction with their UPS. Better yet, the
support I received from the developer when I made initial enquiries into the software was
incredibly quick, accurate and helpful...

Taken from Version Tracker site - testimonial left by Pallecominus on 18/8/2009

I have used this software for the last 8 months to back up my Logic Pro sessions
in the event of power outage. I'm using a Mac Pro Xeon 8 core 3.2GHz running 10.5.8 and Logic Pro 9.
My UPS is an APC 1500VA Smart UPS. The scripts provided with the software were very easy to edit for my needs,
and basically if there's a power down when I'm not at the computer, the software saves my work as
a time-stamped back-up, and performs a graceful shutdown. I've had 3 or 4 power failures,
and the software always manages to do a graceful shutdown - the hard (forced) shutdown threshold
is never reached. All in all for the security of my work, this is great value for money, and basically eclipses
anything else out there for OSX...










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